California Life with Heather Dawson | Episode 529

BEN AFFLECK USES THE PORT OF LOS ANGELES AT THE BACKDROP TO HIS LATEST FILM. ALESIA STANFORD TELLS US ALL ABOUT THE OSCAR WINNER’S LATEST FILM THE WAY BACK - Wes Parker takes us to the landmark Griffith Observatory that’s served as a set for Hollywood’s biggest stars and not just celebrities. Plus feel like a star as we take you to beautiful Beverly Hills Then the best military in the world is about to become even more efficient as a lesson from the war on terror are the beckon of a new training program at Camp Pendleton . Soldiers are learning how to better identify threat in a war zone called Combat Hunter. Teaching marines to think and act like hunters and take out a terrorist before the threat becomes a reality. plus San Diego’s new USL Soccer team with Landon Donovan and we learn more about AlignOrg Solutions specializes in helping clients clarify strategy, optimize their organization designs, and align organization systems to lead transformational change and drive growth & marketplace success AND HEALTHY EATING IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS – ALL THIS AND MORE AIRING ACROSS THE COUNTRY ON CALIFORNIA LIFE WITH HEATHER DAWSON!