Discount Prescription Medications

This week on TWA: The CEO of Inside Rx, Leslie Achter to talk about how people like you and me, who are paying cash for their prescription medications, could get some discounts on more than one hundred prescription brand name medications and thousands of generic drugs. Nancy O'Connor, Regional Administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services"?"?? (CMS) Philadelphia Office has important information about the rollout of new Medicare cards . . . Dr. Len Friedland, Vice president Director of Scientific Affairs and Public Health Vaccines at North America GSK and Jamie Schanbaum, GSK Spokesperson and meningitis survivor, talk about what you and your college bound students need to know about meningitis and Olympic medalist USA swimming foundation ambassador, and national learn to swim spokesperson, Elizabeth Beisel joins me to talk about the many mental and psychological benefits of learning to swim at an early age.