Unpredictable Moments & History Repeats Itself

Angelica is reminded her time to have a baby is running out and confides in Anthony her plan to get pregnant. Adam uses sex to distract Peyton that he's having doubts about the other aspects of their "marriage." Sparks fly between Dylan & Peyton as both feel they should apologize for their awkward encounter. A jealous Max makes a rash decision about Angelica. Pasts are revealed as Veronica commits the ultimate betrayal against once best friend Courtney, while the truth of why Adam & Liza's fairy tale love abruptly ended is finally exposed. Jordan pretends not to be affected by Max & Angelica's news, yet it seems to matter when moving in with Kassandra is on the table. Angelica thinks back to a night not too long ago that bonded Jordan & her forever. Original Air Date: October 13, 2019